Numerology-customAs a seasoned and professional Numerologist and Spiritual Intuitive, I specialize in one-on-one numerology readings, which are available in person by appointment, skype or phone.

I can help you connect the dots in your business life, your love life, issues with children or other family members or any urgent issue or general issues that are relevant to your life. I have also worked with a number of families helping them heal the emotional rifts in their relationships or at least understand the challenges and help them work on the cracks. I also have a strong knack in counseling artists, writers and musicians find the appropriate name or titles for their professional work projects. I do have a very unique approach to unlocking the meaning and codes of the numbers in a title of a book, a play, a screenplay or a song.

My numerology method is simple and practical. While I am an intuitive and access my intuition during your reading, I do use a practical and common sense approach. Numerology is seeing the big picture of your life and having a numerology session with me can hep you identify and recognize the following: 

  • Understand & clarify your true Life Path.
  • Uncover current money, relationship, career blocks and how to release them.
  • Discover upcoming opportunities & challenges for the next 6 months.
  • Get direction on your best options for success & personal fulfillment.
  • Understand the meaning of numerical synchronicities & the appearance of numbers such as 11:11 and 222.

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