As a certified aromatherapist, I am passionate about essential oils for emotional, physical and mental well-being. They simply are such an easy modality to use and apply to your everyday lifestyle for many maladies. Have them on hand for use  in your home, office, workspace. I at least recommend lavender and tea tree in your medicine cabinet or first aid kits.

Rose Bushes Blossoming

Rose Bushes Blossoming

Aromatherapy is simply a holistic therapy with the use of essential oils administered by a holistic health practitioner or Certified Aromatherapist who uses aromatherapy in his or her practice on a client.  Aromatherapy treatments can also be self-administered as long as you understand how to use them properly.    Essential oils are the extracted essences from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, wood and the bark of any living plant or tree.  Essential oils contain a multitude of properties  that have been proven to help to heal the mind, body and spirit and can be a daily and natural part of your holistic health lifestyle.   It is difficult to list the benefits of all the essential oils here on this page as there are so many and they each have different properties (such as being anti-viral, anti-fungal, antiseptic) and have different effects on the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.

Caution and Very Important! Essential oils can be self-administered, however, it is always best to seek out professional advice on how to use properly or read up on how to use, dosage, etc., and there are so many great books about aromatherapy and essential oils that you can find on Amazon or your local book store.

My Top Picks for your First Aid Kit


Title: Limon Bergamotto Personzin Gientile Ill...Bergamot – Citrus bergamia

Aroma – Green Oranges, Sweet Floral Undertone

Information: Calming and uplifting with a delicate citrus aroma. Great in diffuser bath or massage for anxiety, depression and nervous tension. Mix two drops each of Bergamot Lavender, Marjoram and Lemon and diffuse or inhale. The results are quick. Safe for adults and children. Also helps reduce patient fears when diffused in medical and dental offices. Opens communication by breaking down interpersonal barriers. Clinically proven to work on depression.

Salvia sclarea, Lamiaceae, Clary, Clary Sage, ...Clary Sage – Salvia sclarea

Aroma – Nutty, Warm, Musky, Herbaceous

Information: Warming. Anti-depressant. Aphrodisiac. Creates euphoria in some relaxation in others. Opens the mind, stimulates creativity. Use in a diffuser or bath. Calms underlying tensions to relieve headache and stress-related sexual dysfunction. Hot compress on stomach eases digestive problems. Useful in reducing symptoms of menopause. Great essential oil for enhancing your dream life. But don’t use if you’ve had any alcohol.

Eucalyptus 46Eucalyptus Globulus  –  Eucalyptus globulus

Aroma – Camphoraceous, Strong, Spicy

Information: This is the most common variety of Eucalyptus. Has the aroma that most people associate with this oil. Clean, sharp scent helps open nasal passages and clear sinus congestion. Great in massage blends for sore, stiff muscles. Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal.

Fleur géranium rose 2Geranium Rose, Bourbon  –  Pelargonium graveolens

Aroma – Lite, Flowery, Herbal, Delightful

Information: Considered by knowledgeable sources to be the ultimate Geranium Rose, this is the oil that caught the fancy of French Royalty. This oil has a clear sweetness and gentleness that is unequaled by any other. Given all its therapeutic benefits, this is truly a key essential oil for women. It’s also a great balancer – great for balancing any kind of mood disorders, PMS, menopausal symptoms and skin disorders.

Grapefruit Schnitt rose ZypernGrapefruit  –  Citrus pardisii

Aroma – Citrus, Sweet, Floral Undertone

Information: Grapefruit is the Happy Oil. It’s sparkling citrus aroma helps relieve migraine, PMS and performance stress. Stimulates appetite. Helps balance emotions and brighten dark depressive moods. Use in small amounts in bath or blends as a skin toner.

English: Apis mellifera & Lavandula angust...Lavender Extra  –  Lavandula officnalis

Aroma – Straightforward, Floral, Solid

Information: Helps asthma sufferers when condition is associated with emotional trauma. Great for skin inflammations, bruises, dermatitis, eczema, scarring, burns, insect bites and stings. For insomnia, place several drops on a tissue and inhale three times, or put 5-6 drops on the soles of your feet. Calms stormy emotions. Mix with equal parts Tea Tree, apply directly to skin for rapid reduction of blemishes.

Lemons.Lemon, Yellow  –  Citrus limonum

Aroma – Strong Lemon, Dry Overtone

Information: A refreshing and elevating oil when used in a nebulizer, Lemon has been shown to increase alertness and reduce errors in the workplace.  Due to its strong antiseptic and bactericidal properties, lemon is considered to purify the environment. Mix with Jojoba to cleanse oily skin. Mix with Lavender and water to use as a hot compress for acne. Did you know that the Japanese back in the early 1990’s diffused essential oil of lemon into the workspace after their workers came back from lunch to wake them up and keep them from falling asleep after eating a big lunch?

English: Orange blossom and oranges. Taken by ...Orange, Sweet  –  Citrus sinensis

Aroma – Bright, Happy, Orange Citrus

Information: Great diffuser oil. Creates a sunshine effect that makes you feel good no matter what’s going on. Helps people unwind and relax. Quiets even the most rambunctious kid. Terrific in potpourris and pomanders, particularly at holidays. Enlightened teachers diffuse orange in their classroom to get their students back in a better mood at the end when things are a little chaotic.

Mentha x piperita: Flowers and leaves.Peppermint  –  Mentha piperita

Aroma – Bright, Sharp, Sweet, Minty

Information: Excellent essential oil for mental fatigue and depression. Relieves headaches, clears the head and freshens the spirit. It eases egotism and false pride while bolstering feelings of confidence. Use sparingly in the bath to lift the spirits and invigorate. Great insect and vermin repellent.

Leptospermum divaricatum (Tea-Tree)Tea Tree  –  Melaleuca alternifolia

Aroma – Medicinal, Camphoraceious, Sharp

Information: The Journal of Hospital Infections found that a 1/2% solution of Tea Tree killed 60  strains of antibiotic-resitant Staph aureus (a bacteria that causes secondary infections in hospitals and nursing homes). Mild enough to be applied directly to the skin for insect bites, cuts, scrapes, abrasions and blemishes. Tea Tree is one of the safest essential oils yet the most powerful oil you can use. It has miraculous healing powers.  Among its properties, it is the single most effective anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and immuno-stimulant you can have in your arsenal of essential oils. Don’t leave home without it. If you only pick two essential oils for your first aid kit, pick Lavender and Tea Tree.

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