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“Practice hope. As hopefulness becomes a habit, you can achieve a permanently happy spirit.” – Norman Vincent Peale

What is it about hope that inspires us to keep on forging ahead? To keep trying – evenhappiness9-aristotle when we feel like we are falling down? Hope is powerful. Hope is sometimes all that is left. We cling to hope in life and death situations. We cling to hope in relationship matters. We cling to hope when our children are hurt or in danger. Hope is the general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled.




Hope goes both ways. people can tell us to be hopeful, but in order for it to really manifest, you must believe it – not only in your mind, but you must also feel it in your heart. For only then will you achieve all that it promises.

Reference            Affirmation

Be optimistic               “I am optimistic”

Be hopeful                  “I am hopeful”

  • Hope is like ecstasy, the last wild ride before your passage into enlightenment.
  • Hope is having courage to be like the fish out of water who can swim in a new environment.
  • Hope is illumination to take responsibility for who you are, your work and your life.
  • Have hope and illumination will follow.

Where will that little four-letter word ‘Hope’ take you today? Let it spring forth in your imagination to thrive constantly in your heart and life until it becomes a permanent and happy habit.

The art of happiness lies in in the power of extracting happiness from common things


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From my archives, this was originally posted by me in July 2010.