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FinalPC5.25x8COVERkThe Pain Companion is an important book for those living with chronic pain by someone living with it and through it. Sarah’s story is infused with the harshness and profundity of pain experienced on a personal level. I was especially moved by her Dear Pain letters and realized that Sarah could have been talking to me as I have experienced emotional pain in my life in the past, and those letters reflected similar feelings many moons ago when I would write in my journal about my pain.

It’s not just physical pain that people suffer from, but those who have experienced grief, loss, heartache and anguish who will benefit tremendously. As a healer and Life Coach, I know a lot of other healers and alternative therapists, and I believe this is simply one book that should be recommended to their patients or clients who are living with chronic pain.

This book was written not just from Sarah’s heart, but from the very depths of her soul and I believe her soul’s mission was to write a book that approached pain in a completely different way. The Pain Companion is a valuable tool and resource to those who share a similar experience through the physical discomfort of pain. Sarah’s guidance through her book and words of encouragement, will empower others to approach their pain from an altogether and unique modus operandi. Praise to Sarah.

For more information on Sarah Shockley and her book, please visit her website at: www.thepaincompanion.com

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