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IMG_0689I am celebrating a milestone in my life today. Four years ago on January 23, 2010, I began blogging with WordPress creating the Wellness Zen Zone. I literally knew nothing about blogging or even how to create a blog. I just knew I had to express myself by writing. I had a conversation with a colleague of mine and told him I wanted to write, but was unsure of what I wanted to write about. I knew a book was in my future, but sometime way down the road. So he suggested I begin blogging and had recommended WordPress as a good blog site to work with. That night I sat down and did an internet search and found the link. I literally knew nothing about how to create a blog or what body of work I would end up creating as I now have two blogs. My second one is the Numerology Coach which was created on June 6, 2010. Overachiever comes to mind.

Seriously though, in 4 years I have created a thoughtful body of work drawing on 25 years of experience in alternative healing and metaphysical healing practices. WordPress has made it incredibly easy. Initially I found a template that I liked and just took it step-by-step following the steps intuitively. My blogs have both gone through many facelifts as I have grown and blossomed as a blogger changing my theme appearance many times. That’s the beauty of blogging, you can change your theme easily and as often as you like or just to keep up with current trends.

When I finally had created the name of my blog – Wellness Zen Zone, the next important step was to blog about something. But what was the big question. I was stuck. Yes I experienced writer’s block. As I sat there blank, I envisioned all those writers that talk about that very thing and here I was experiencing it myself. I realized that I was going to reach so many more readers in blogland than I had previously reached in my other writing pursuits, so I had better write something meaningful.

As I sat there – blank – I began to flash back on my life and what had I ever written that was relevant and important. Then I remembered that I actually had been published back in 2002 in Skin Inc. magazine writing an article that had particular merit on aromatherapy for skin care professionals. Prior articles in their magazine on aromatherapy had been fluff and I decided they needed an article that addressed the benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils for professional therapists. Then I had another ‘ah-ha’ moment and remembered that I had actually written all my own newsletters and brochures for my own holistic skin care business which I had for 12 years. So it wasn’t that I couldn’t write – I could. It was simply finding a topic to write about. So it occurred to me to just blog about what I knew the most about – aromatherapy. Next step was the subject matter. Then it popped into my head that one of my best girlfriends Tinker would be the subject of my first blog post as I had just helped her with an aromatherapy emergency.

In honor of this most recent milestone and how far I have come as a blogger, I am re-blogging my very first blogpost with WordPress.

Zen Your Environment with Aromatherapy

26826_1311696145069_1049649_nMy girlfriend Tinker always tells me how much she loves my aromatherapy practices and creations.  I remember the time I helped her when she had to go out-of-town for a family emergency and she had to spend time in a house where there were smokers.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to survive in that environment without some assistance from me.  To read more of Zen Your Environment with Aromatherapy, click here.

Wellness is a state of mind ~ Yours!

P.S. This is my 80th Post on this blog. Just saying…