4685602_medI was introduced to dousing about a year ago while I was shopping in a health food store. A woman approached me about my hair color as we were both fellow redheads but she liked my red better. She asked me my opinion on what color she thought would be best for her and showed me two boxes of color. I do have a background in esthetics and cosmetology and gave her my opinion. She took my information in, but didn’t seem quite convinced. As we talked, she broke out this pendulum that she kept in her purse and began to douse it over the two boxes of hair color she had selected. Of course I knew nothing about this technique, but I was completely fascinated with what she was doing. As she was dousing, she explained briefly what it was, how it worked and she showed me her technique. I was simply amazed and was immediately hooked.

The next day I decided to get a pendulum and began searching online for one and had a few picked out, but wanted to keep looking around. Intrigued, I spoke to a friend of mine the very next day about dousing and she knew all about it and she told me that I didn’t need to spend a lot of money on a pendulum and that I could use anything and make my own – that it didn’t have to be the Rolls Royce of pendulums.  Then I remembered that I had a very beautiful quartz crystal in my crystal collection as I have been collecting and using crystals for healing for years. I immediately realized that this was my pendulum and simply put it on a silver chain. But being the novice I was, I still wasn’t sure how to use my pendulum as my tutorial a few days before had been very brief, so I immediately got online and found a YouTube video and learned the art of dousing in 15 minutes including how to calibrate your pendulum. The rest is history and I have been dousing with my crystal pendulum for about a year  now. I am still amazed at the accuracy it provides, but am respectful of the energy of dousing. In other words, I don’t abuse it. Once you get an answer let it be and don’t try to manipulate the answer with multiple questions.

While dousing has been around for many, many years, recently it seems to have gained in popularity as a spiritual healing technique and I have noticed a lot of buzz about it on the internet lately.  The original purpose of dousing was to find things – water, gold, oil. Throughout history people have used the pendulum as a divination tool to guide them to their most important questions. Dousing can also be used for energy healing and you can get more information about all the uses on dousing and how to perform dousing online.

The purpose of the Wellness Zen Zone is to share information on healing techniques and I came across this video by Raymon Grace on this very topic that I wanted to share because his presentation seemed the most real. Raymon came across as very down to earth and genuine, and I really liked – no loved –  his energy. He describes himself as a ‘Mountain Man’. His pendulum is a 45-calliber bullet, further validating my friend’s advice that you can use whatever you want. This is not to negate purchasing a pendulum of your choice, and there are many websites that sell beautiful and elaborate pendulums, but the point is that dousing is an intuitive healing modality, so use your intuition to guide you to find and use the one that speaks to you.

After I watched his video, I discovered that Raymon is the founder of the Raymon Grace Foundation and is the author of many books including “The future is yours: Do something about it.” His work and teaching also involves reducing violence in schools. He is most certainly a very gentle and gentle soul walking the earth’s plane. Here is his video on dousing that I think you will get a kick out of. It’s a very simple explanation and not at all complicated, yet it is chock full of information on dousing in just a few minutes. Most importantly, it is infused with his great energy. He seems like a man anyone would want as their friend – he’s like the gentle giant of healers.

Enjoy and namaste.

You can get more information about Raymon Grace and his work at: http://www.raymongrace.com