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bookcover_smallerEldon Taylor’s book Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I want to Be  was the perfect book for me to read at this moment in my life as I continue to explore my  own spirituality and faith because this is always an on-going process for me personally. I love delving into the mysteries of life and why I tick and why I do why I do what I do, because I find fundamental behaviors so fascinating and dripping with meaning. I’m one to get at the bottom of root behaviors and work on myself all the time so that I can continually evolve. However, it made me stop, pause and reflect for a moment to think about how do I actually go about that process? Eldon discusses the fundamentals of how our minds work based on the concepts of “engineering beliefs” and the “Full power of our belief systems.”  This book is a reminder that the mind is a very powerful tool. We simply have to understand how to use it in the best way possible — one that serves us and one that does not work against us.  Eldon takes the reader on a journey of the mind.  He compares the viability of hypnosis and meditation as examples of how these two modalities can cause fundamental changes in brain wave activities. When brain waves are activated, our minds operate at another level that can positively affect us and produces changes in our emotional well-being.  Eldon shows us how we can rewrite the scripts that are at the root of our self-sabotaging behaviors.

Three of my great passions in life include:

  1. Spirituality
  2. Having faith
  3. Trust

These are beliefs that I have put into place all my life, but this book made me think about and take a look at the way I think and ultimately how I ‘engineered’ these three beliefs and incorporated them into my own life Am I really spiritual, do I really have faith, and do I really trust because I think I need to genuinely do these things for the betterment of myself, and why do I feel the need to be spiritual? In this book,  Eldon challenges the reader to change subconscious beliefs with the mind. He also discusses the courage it takes to challenge ourselves to create real changes in our lives by learning to alter beliefs and habits. The opposite of my three great passions would be being secular instead of spiritual, doubting instead of having faith and being suspicious instead of trusting. This is where Eldon presents to the reader that we must learn to let go of self-destructive and non-serving behaviors. Eldon is also the inventor of something called InnerTalk technology which helps people change their subconscious beliefs. He says that “if the inner mind (subconscious) does not believe it, you won’t do it.” Interesting to ponder and I think there is a lot of truth in that statement.

The book begins with a paraphrase by Krishnamurti who said “Choice is an Illusion. Do I do this – do I do that – all of this is confusion. I can only choose when I’m confused. When I know clearly, there is no choice.”  That’s it exactly! When we know where we are going, what we are doing, and what will make us happy, then the decisions and choices we make come naturally and without a lot of confusion. We are coming from a place of clear thinking. But this does not come easy for most of us because we are programmed with so much negative inner-thinking.

Eldon reminds us that everyone is searching for happiness and the answers we are searching for typically revolve around the issues of relationships, money, power and success. But what is missing is the link in between actually acquiring and attaining success and the reality of the situation. This point is clearly made in the book where Eldon reminds us of these two things “what we perceive and fail to perceive” and “if choice can be an illusion, what other illusions might we live with?”

This book delivers a very profound and powerful message of understanding that it is never too late to become the person you want to be. It is very valuable in understanding the human mind, and the fundamental changes in thinking that we simply must make in order to strengthen and embrace the experience of change, habits and beliefs.

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