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angel423_Guardian_angelIt was 1980 in Denver, Colorado and my son, Stephen, was 4 years old. It was approximately 2:00 a.m. and both of us were sleeping peacefully and soundly. All of a sudden I was awakened by a voice in my head that startled me out of my sound sleep that said “Go get Stephen, he’s in danger”! Of course I didn’t know what to make of it, so I lay there for several minutes, stunned at first, but calmly listening to the sounds in the night and all seemed fine to me. My son’s bedroom was just to the right of mine and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. So I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep. I was just drifting off again, when I heard the same voice inside of my head. But this time, the voice was very stern with more sense of urgency and it said “Go get Stephen! He’s in danger! NOW”!

Of course I got up immediately and went into his bedroom. He was sleeping peacefully and nothing seemed disturbing or amiss. But I trusted that voice inside of my head for some strange, then unknown reason, and just scooped him up and brought him into my bedroom and put him in my bed next to me. He didn’t even wake up. I finally went back to sleep. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes later, I was awakened up by a huge sound of a crash! At first I thought it was a car that had crashed through my house because it was so loud and we lived on a corner. I scrambled out of bed and looked all around the living room. Everything was fine. The kitchen. Everything was fine. The dining room. Everything was fine. Finally, I went into Stephen’s bedroom, and this huge bookcase that was over his bed had fallen over and was on top of his bed – where he had been sleeping.


I was horrified and just couldn’t believe that I had just saved my son’s life. All because I had listened to that little voice inside of my head – which was definitely one of my angels warning me of imminent danger to my son. And the amazing thing is that this was way before I ever was spiritually tuned in – in the way that I am now. I was just guided and I listened. But more importantly, I trusted that little voice inside of my head.


I can’t reiterate enough, that when you have any sort of premonition, or receive messages through your inner ear, or have a dream that warns you of something or foretells a situation with you or someone else, you must pay attention to it and take it seriously. Our angels and our spirit guides are always there watching over us and they want to help us. We simply need to be receptive and open to the possibility that we do have spiritual helpers in other realms. They are truly here to help us. Our task is to remain open and being receptive to the message however form it takes – visions, dreams, whispers in your ear.  For others, our angels appear at the scene of a dramatic event. There are angel miracle stories every day.


Doreen Virtue, who works with angelic realms, is collecting dramatic angel miracle stories. You can get more information by visiting her FaceBook Page.


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