Being happy is an inherent and fundamental gift that we all have within us. Being happy is an emotion and a state of mind and well-being. Being “happy”  can range anywhere from a state of contentment to the state of intense joy. However, the fact remains that many individuals are unhappy or not as happy as they could be. The concept of happiness, or what it means to be happy is sometimes difficult to grasp and hold onto day-to-day. It can remain elusive and sometimes, the truth is that we can be ignorant to the definition of happiness or what it means to be truly “happy”.

Have you ever thought about or compared your own happiness to the analogy ‘Life Is A Bowl of Cherries’? What goes through your mind when hear that expression? Do you have the tenancy to look at your happiness as a bowl of cherries that are just full of nothing but pits. Do you find yourself thinking:

1. Where are my bowl of cherries?
2. How do I get my hands on my bowl of cherries?
3. Can I have a bowl of cherries all the time?
4. What do I do with the pits?

Do you find yourself wondering if your fair share of cherries has been delivered at frequent enough intervals and that they are abundant in your life on a regular basis? Or do you think that life is just a big fat bowl of pits and your life is lacking in abundance?

Here’s the good news. All pits must be removed from the cherry in order to partake of its delicious fruit. The thing with cherries is that they provide pleasure – but they come with a little task that requires a little effort to get to the pleasure.

Accepting the good with the bad.

Life is not always a smooth road and can be filled with lots of pits. What are you going to do when you run into a pit in the road? You can choose the negative path and believe that your road is always filled with or in the pits, or you can take the positive path by stepping over the pits!

Yin vs Yang

Everything in life has  Yin and Yang aspects.  Let’s compare happiness to Yin and Yang. Yin is the shady side of the hill, while Yang is the sunny side of the hill.  In order to be happy, which one will you choose? Well that depends on you and your state of mind or being on any given day. Some days you might need sunshine and warmth, and on other days, you might need the coolness of the shade.

Therefore, happiness is about perspective. In order for you to change your perspective, you might want to see your life as a bowl of cherries and never mind the pits; or you might want to sit on the sunny side of the hill today and rev up your energy, but tomorrow you might want to be in the shade and let the coolness calm your mind and body.

Your inner resource is your mind

The Dalai Lama said this  “We pay too much concern to material things and neglect our inner resources.”

You have the power to be happy. Happy can be as simple as being grateful for a day that is sunny and warm, or that you have good friends and family to support you, or the vision of a beautiful sunset, or the smell of a rose. You can choose many things to be happy. It’s up to you – the mind is a powerful thing not to be ignored.  “Happiness is a state of mind.” You have it within your own mind to be in charge of your happiness scale. Is it going to be a 1 or a 10? It’s up to you, but I say this:

Choose to be happy!

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