Dealing With Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain affects an estimated 90 million Americans. Its causes can stem from any number of medical conditions or as a result of an injury. Some people suffer even when no specific physical cause can be found. Traditional pain medications often work but can have serious long-term side effects with long-term use and the pain can still persist.   Chronic pain can exist for any reason and can be moderate to severe, and linger for weeks, months, or years.

Alternative Solution vs. Prescription Meds

Essential Oil Therapy is an excellent holistic modality that provides an alternative solution to prescription medications.  Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses  essential oils which are derived from plant extracts.  Essential oils are at least 50 times more concentrated than herbs.  Treatment with Essential oils  can be administered by four easy methods. Refer to my Guidelines for Essential Oil Therapy. However for chronic pain, it is suggested to have regular massage with a massage therapist and/or adding the essential oils to the bath in between massage therapy treatments to successfully manage the pain.

The long-term use of traditional pain medications can be a problem and many medications have side effects that might not be desirable.  Essential Oil therapy can help eliminate the need for medication and when used properly, essential oil therapy has no harmful side effects. Please refer to my Guidelines for Essential Oil Therapy.

Manage Chronic Pain Effectively with Essential Oil Therapy

The smell receptors in the nose respond to the scents of the essential oils which send chemical messages through the nervous system to the brain’s limbic system—the part of the brain involved in memory and emotions. Essential oils  possess properties that can affect the human body in a number of positive ways.  (Refer to 10 essential oils for pain relief listed below).  Chronic pain can be relieved, or at least relaxed, through the consistent use of essential oils. The aromas encourage the brain to produce signals to relax. In the instance of cancer patients, aromatherapy studies have shown that symptoms such as nausea, pain, blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rates have all been relaxed in response to the use of essential oils, especially in massage.

The Best Essential Oils For Pain Therapy

  1. Bergamot – Clinically effective for emotional pain & depression; eases symptoms of menopause.
  2. Chamomile –  Good for digestive disorders, menstrual pain, lowers blood pressure, eases irritability.
  3. Clary Sage- Powerful euphoric, calms anxiety from asthma attacks, regulates menstrual cycles.
  4. Eucalyptus – Best for colds, flu, fever, congestion;  Speeds up physical and emotional healing.
  5. Geranium – Best to balance mind and body; Great for mood swings; a tonic for the uterus  & ovaries.
  6. Grapefruit – The happy oil; strengthening tonic for the physical body; energizes the nervous system.
  7. Lavender – Best for all first aid; headaches, PMS, depression, labor pain, cuts; the miracle burn oil
  8. Rosemary – Reduces bruising; relieves muscular pain, arthritis and rheumatic and sciatica pain.
  9. Tea tree -Best for all first aid; burns, wounds, tooth & gum infections, cold sores and herpes.
  10. Peppermint – Digestive aid, nausea;  excellent for muscular pain, arthritis, headaches.

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