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Last week I discussed healing on the metaphysical level with the mind. Today I am going to discuss how one can reinforce self-healing with the alternative healing techniques that I have worked with for 20 years. This was also part of my discussion on Blog Talk Radio with Law of Attraction Coach  Lexie Moon yesterday.


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Lifestyle includes supplementing with vitamins, having a healthy diet and getting regular exercise. An unhealthy diet contributes to ill-health in many ways. Processed foods or fast foods for example bring the vibration of the body down to lower levels rather than keeping the vibration higher with fresh vegetables, fruits and foods with nutritional value. So unhealthy foods will keep the body in a state of illness or disease — the same thing can be applied to a lack of exercise.  As far as vitamin supplementation, I really like the DNA based vitamin supplements from GeneWize.  They provide everything you need based on your own DNA from a simple swab of your saliva that is sent to a lab.  For more information click on this link on my website.

Essential oil therapy

  • Aromatherapy is the practice of using naturally distilled essences of plants to promote the health and well-being of your body, mind and emotions. These essences, called essential oils (EOs), can restore balance and harmony to your body and to heal the body physically, emotionally and mentally
  • EO’s have properties that allow healing to occur as I have listed below:
  1. As an analgesic to reduce pain for headaches/migraines – I recommend lavender.
  2. As an anti-depressant to reduce depression – I recommend bergamot or lavender
  3. As regulators to regulate mood swings or menopause. Think of a regulator as a balancer. For these 2 conditions I recommend bergamot, geranium and clary sage.
  4. As stimulants to reduce mental fatigue and improve memory – basil is good for that.
  5. As a sedative to reduce anger, anxiety, stress, fear. Sedative EO’s have an immediate effect on the central nervous system and I work with these emotions a lot — orange blossom or chamomile are good for these situations.
  • EOs can be used as a euphoric to help with grief and/or depression. Euphorics have the ability to put us in a state of elation.  I use rose a lot for people who are grieving.

Simple breath work

  • Breath work is really important and it’s really about learning to breath properly. By breathing consciously from the belly taking long, deep breaths — rather than breathing shallowly from the upper part of the diaphragm.
  • Breathing properly can actually recharge your batteries by supplying more oxygen and getting rid of tension, stress and headaches.
  • Chronic conditions such as severe PMS, migraines, back pain are worsened with improper breathing.
  • You can incorporate a technique in 3-4 minutes while sitting at your desk or in your car – just breathe consciously when you feel stressed out or are in pain. Refer to the breathing exercise video I posted in May.

Acupressure and reflexology techniques

  • You can work certain points on your hands and feet as a good self-help tool to activate healing powers and to break up any blockages in your body that is causing pain.  I like to tell people that pain is nothing more than stuck energy. When you unblock the pain using pressure points on your feet or your hands, you are balancing your body and restoring relief.  You know when you get a headache and if you let it go too long, then pretty soon your stomach does not feel well and then the general yuk factor just begins to permeate to other parts of the body as well. So activating the use of these modalities early on nips it in the bud. An Example of an acupressure  point is the Hoku which is the fleshy point located between your thumb & forefinger.  You can press this point to get rid of a headache or stress for example. For more on this refer to Heal yourself with Acupressure I wrote in April.
  • With reflexology there are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas or points in the feet that correspond to all major organs, glands and body parts. By pressing the area that is causing the imbalance, you can dramatically reduce the source of discomfort. Click on the reflexology chart to the right to see the image more clearly.

I often get asked this question – How often should someone incorporate these therapies and which ones?

How often? Just as with anything, the more the better. I usually recommend daily in the beginning for 10-15 minutes with at least one modality and then at least 2-3 times a weeks for maintenance.

Which modalities should I use? It’s all individual – it just depends what is going on with each person and which modality will be helpful in a particular situation.  One shoe size doesn’t fit all.

Alternative Choices

My philosophy is this — Healthy is the way you approach the wellness of your mind, body and spirit. How do you value yourself and your health? So if you are not feeling well look at the possibility of an alternative therapy that may just help you.  You can incorporate some of these methods on yourself as I suggest here, or you can seek out the help of a reflexologist, an acupuncturist or a massage therapist. I also provide wellness coaching and work with essential oil therapy for all kinds of wellness issues.

Stay well, be happy and stay positive!

Hugs from Kathleen