Life Coaching is one of the fastest growing businesses these days and is growing more and more popular.  It is not a new profession and has been used by people such as Tony Robbins, for example, as a personal development tool to help clients clarify and identify what they want to achieve personally, professionally and spiritually, then support and empower them to achieve the life they desire. However, life coaching today is certainly a profession that fits in beautifully and logically with the massive changes going on in the world and the negative impact on the financial, real-estate and job markets. The downturn in the economy with the resultant consequence leading to fewer and fewer jobs, and people uncertain about their career path has created desperation, depression and all those other negative things and words that go with it — it has affected virtually almost everything with a domino effect and long-term consequences.

There are many coaches who are experts in their field for the executive, businesses, relationships and careers, but there is another type of coach – the Spiritual Life Coach that utilizes the Law of Attraction and other techniques and / or specialties unique to them which help to assist their client towards not only personal growth and  transformation, but an awakening of their spiritual self. With so many changes and uncertainties in people’s lives today, people want real results. Well, the Calvary has arrived! More than ever, people want and need guidance and a new way of looking at their situation with a fresh pair of eyes and a fresh approach. Don’t get me wrong, spiritual coaching is not new — many famous people like Louise Hay and Catherine Ponder for example have taught these principles – but it is coming back like a brand new band-aid on an old wound or scar.  Sometimes in order to effectively make fundamental changes — old concepts and old ways which are no longer working — may mean including spiritual transformation and new thoughts in order to effectively change.

Who is Bambi Corso?

One such person I reached out to interview about this particular topic and her work is, Law of Attraction Life Coach and DreamTender Bambi Corso. Not only is Bambi a Spiritual Life Coach, but she is a practitioner of life and she says “I believes that each person possesses the power to change.” Why I asked her? “Because I did it; I know I can help you do it too.”

As her logo on her website says “Living With Purpose…On Purpose,” Bambi is a person who knows how to live her life on purpose and with purpose because that is how she grew up.  She is a woman who is extremely centered in her own spirituality because she understood at a very young age about spiritual matters – matters that take most people years to understand – if they ever do. It’s not surprising that Bambi has such a strong spiritual foundation, because she grew up with a mother who had a strong spiritual core and who instilled this very same value in her children.  As a family, her mother taught Bambi and her siblings about the medicinal and spiritual value of having herbs and a garden — so the whole family participated in planting a garden every year that provided healthy vegetables to put on the table and medicinal plants that her mother would use on the children for various maladies.

When I asked Bambi what led her to the creation of her life coaching business, she told me that “mentally at the age of 18, I was already preparing for my life’s work.” Incredibly, during the summer months, when most children were playing with their friends, chilling and basking in the warm summer sun, Bambi was spending her vacation studying and reading about spiritual matters.  She even took the Course of Miracles courses with Tara Singh over two summer breaks.   At the tender age of 15, she had a powerful dream that sparked something within her which eventually led her to become a DreamTender.  However, when she had this dream, she immediately began to journal all of her dreams, because back then she told me, “there were hardly any books on the subject of dreams” so she had to rely on her own personal experiences with dreams and writing about them and making her own journals.  This continual journaling gave her the tools to help people understand the mysteries of dreaming. This is Bambi’s forte.  She will help you understand how dreaming is a very personal experience, and show you how to make a conscious choice to connect with your higher self, through your dreams. Bambi says that “dreams tell us how we truly feel about something.” She went on to say that “when you are working with the Law of Attraction, dreams come into play from the standpoint that they show you where you are emotionally about something happening in your life, therefore allowing you the ability to shift your vibration.”

On becoming a Spiritual Life Coach

Bambi began to feel the tides of change coming her way in her traditional work life and in 2008 she took action by taking a year-long course with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy to become a Certified Law of Attraction coach.  Just after she finished the course in September of 2009, and after almost 30 years in a management position in the corporate world, she got laid off.  Ironically this change coincided with the ending of one career and landed her right into the path of a brand new life and brand new career – a career that she really cultivated from a very young age being so spiritually oriented.  But this work did not appear until she was ready to accept the challenges.  As they say, when the student is ready the teacher appears.  I asked Bambi what was it that led her to the decision to becoming a Law of Attraction Coach — did she have a dream about it to guide her when she was in transition?  She told me “No, I didn’t have a dream. I went into a room and prayed —  then I got an email about Christy Whitman’s course on Law of Attraction coaching with the Quantum Success Coaching Academy.” This goes to show you how the power of intention and manifestation is always at work when you consciously create it. However, she did have a critical dream during a Dream Tending Course.  As soon as she had the dream, she took immediate action and the next day, she joined Toastmasters to get over her fear of public speaking. This showed Bambi on a personal level, “how dreams can impart wisdom that far exceed our daily, waking thoughts.”

When I asked her to tell me why she chose the Law of Attraction for her as a coaching vehicle, Bambi responded by saying that “I had known about the Law of Attraction well before I heard about Christy Whitman, but I wanted to really live the laws and practice deliberate manifestation.  It’s not about manifesting material things but about feeling good with the external circumstances.” I then asked what is the most unique thing about coaching for you?  Her response was “I love coaching and being a conduit between a person and helping them access their inner wisdom.” I asked her what is the next stage for her in her coaching business and Bambi has a book project that is in the works which she started several years ago that she is currently and actively working on.

It was a pleasure to interview Bambi Corso! She is woman who is deeply spiritual and committed to the well-being of all those she comes in contact with.  She is also involved in everything indigenous – just go to her website and look at the logo she created.  It is one that shows all the elements of life in relationship to nature and animals.  In addition, I actually had a recent coaching session with her.  Even though I am a coach myself, all good coaches need a coach. I chose Bambi because she is in alignment with me on many core values spiritually and also I am a big believer in dreams, so her style and expertise matched me. Her work was very impressive and she delivered the goods. She is the type of coach who can tune into your situation because she is gifted with much insight and wisdom. Her approach and technique was very effective and I have felt the transformational effects working in my life since our session together. I am completely impressed with her style, delivery and her passion for what she does. She is one of the best coaches I have ever worked with.

To learn more about Bambi Corso and Living With Purpose on Purpose, visit her website by clicking on this link. If you want to enhance yourself through discovery, awareness and personal development, I highly recommend Bambi Corso.