“Your body can only take you further when the batteries are recharged, otherwise it will not start when you need it.” – Kathleen

As a wellness coach, I hear everyday from so many of my clients that they are on overload and don’t feel good. They don’t look good and the stresses of life are slowly taking over. They go, go, go until they cannot “GO” “anymore and are forced to a “timeout” on the couch or worse yet – get sick and get even more stressed out from missing out on the things they need to do.  Life is busy and demanding – this is a given.  We have To Do lists a mile long! There’s the blog,  then you have to send a tweet about that and then of course you have to post it on facebook. Not to mention, the kids, the errands, the crazy work schedule, the fritter, the fratter, the this, the that — and it’s just plain exhausting!  You go to bed tired, you wake up tired and wonder if you even slept. You did sleep, but you do not have enough oxygen circulating in your body, therefore you are still fatigued and not refreshed at all – even after 8 hours of sleep, or perhaps you did not sleep well at all.  Help is on the way!  Learn to breath deeply and consciously.

Conscious Breathing

Breathing supplies over 99% of your oxygen and energy supply and poor breathing can cause fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress, loss of sleep, high blood pressure,  poor mental clarity, headaches and so many other harmful chronic conditions.  All chronic conditions or diseases are worsened with poor breathing. We breathe everyday naturally, but the kind of breathing we do is more shallow and quick and comes from the upper part of our diaphragm rather than from the abdomen that requires long, slow breaths. By doing something as simple as conscious deep breathing techniques, you can energize and recharge quickly and efficiently and there is little downtime.  Best of all it’s free and easy. All you have to do is make it a conscious part of your daily routine.  I’m talking about breathing consciously and deeply that rejuvenates your energy – not shallow, quick breathing that depletes your energy.

Exercise to relax and rejuvenate

There are all kinds of videos, books, DVDs and methods of breath work exercises out there.  While breathing exercises are really good for you and I encourage them, at the same time,I don’t want to add more stress to your life by adding on something that is going to take up a lot of  time out of your day.  You can always add a longer breathing workout to your health routine on the days you schedule your workout or exercise time.

But for today, I want you just to be aware of how easy it is to incorporate a simple breath work exercise into your daily routine.  You can do this wherever you are — at your desk, in your car, in your house.  Whenever you need to rejuvenate and re-energize, get rid of stress, a headache or tension — take a few moments to do this breath work exercise. If you happen to have some lavender essential oil, add 2-3 drops to a tissue and inhale its essence before you begin and then,

Watch this Video!

Breathwork video – relax and rejuvenate today. This is a 4 minute video.  Come on you have 4 minutes to live healthfully and wholly!

Your AromaZenZone Coach,