Aromatherapy for everyday living – Grapefruit Essential Oil

This is an on-going series of Aromatherapy for everyday living. Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy with the use of essential oils by a holistic health practitioner, such as an aromatherapist, massage therapist or esthetician, who uses essential oils on a client for the treatment of physical, emotional or spiritual disorders, illness, or disease.  You don’t need to be a holistic health care practitioner  to use aromatherapy or essential oils on yourself.   You only need to have the desire to use them as a self-healing modality, but you do need to exercise caution and understand how to use essential oils on yourself safely.  Please refer to the EO Education page for guidelines and methods of use. Aromatherapy, when used properly, is an effective and complimentary holistic healing therapy that can be incorporated into everyday living practices as a natural means of alleviating symptoms for health issues such as stress, insomnia, depression, muscular aches, pains, burns, cuts and bruises.

Grapefruit Essential Oil

In the world of aromatherapy, this natural substance when distilled as an essential oil is equally beneficial on both the emotional and physical levels. Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), is a subtropical citrus tree known for its bitter fruit and historically was named the “forbidden fruit” when found and is known for its delightful and uplifting aroma.  Grapefruit essential oil is excellent as an antiseptic, an anti-depressant, and digestive and diuretic aids.

Therapeutic Index:

Grapefruit as an emotional stimulant — the “Happy Oil”

On an emotional level, grapefruit can really be considered the happy oil. Just the incredible aroma alone, can increase  emotional vibration levels and can ease depression and moodiness. Grapefruit is a natural anti-depressant due to its stimulating effect on certain hormones, which creates an uplift in mood levels and causes positive feelings to abound.    Grapefruit can inspire  your joy and sense of humor to come out into the open, increase your confidence levels and in turn relieve any anxiety and stress.  It also helps to clear the mind.

Grapefruit for the physical body

On a physical level grapefruit enjoys the reputation for being a diuretic and has long been used as a dietary aid.  As an aromatherapy aid, grapefruit is actually a strengthening tonic for the body, and can restore or increase body tone.  It helps to energize the nervous system. It has been used for years in spa and massage treatments to help to reduce cellulite and reduce fluid retention.

Grapefruit as a digestive aid

Not only is grapefruit both delicious and mouth-watering, but it is packed with powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C – especially the red variety.  Grapefruit essential oil has been quite effective to treat digestive disorders  because it contains enzymes which help to break down food.  If your enzyme levels are low, it can cause digestive problems and upset stomachs.

Remedies & Recipes:

Inhalation method – For immediate emotional relief, add 2-3 drops of Grapefruit essential oil to a tissue.  Inhale deeply three or four times [in and out]

As a body rub –  For any of the disorders mentioned in this article, add 10-12 drops of grapefruit essential oil to one ounce of a base oil (canola, olive oil, sweet almond) to a pretty container and either have someone massage you (the best option) or you can use the self-application technique and rub on your feet or abdomen.  For any kind of digestive disorders, apply this mixture as a rub on the abdomen as an excellent method to quickly ease and reduce any uncomfortable symptoms.

Grapefruit essential oil is one of those oils that, due to all of the wonderful anti-oxidant, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-depressant and digestive helping properties, that you simply must have in your medicine cabinet or first-aid kit.  if you only use grapefruit essential oil for one thing — use it to be happy!