When was the last time you sat down and realized that you were a courageous person and that, whether you know it or not, you do have the courage to get through anything that life presents to you ?  You may feel that mostly life sucks and you just survive without realizing or acknowledging how powerful you truly are.  Have you ever taken the time to acknowledged yourself for all the courage it has taken to raise your family, to go it alone, to raise great children, to go through a divorce or a death, to put food on the table when money was tight, to be able to pay your financial obligations when perhaps you were out of work or there was not enough money to go around?  Perhaps you got fired, got laid off or you quit your job.  Maybe someone in your family or perhaps you, are sick and need more courage to have faith.  Perhaps you have a child who is sick and in the hospital.  Whatever your circumstance, courage IS an act of faith.   Life’s trials can make you feel separate from the world and your family when you are going through difficult and stressful times.  But remember you are not powerless in your situation — you do have the power from deep within yourself to take action to give up your fears and to be powerless.  Remind  yourself daily, over and over “I have courage” to get through this trial and you will know what to do.  Live your life with courage in your heart always and acknowledge the powerful, loving, kind and wonderful person that you are.

Wordz of Wizdom

I recently started a new page on my blog called Wordz of Wizdom and wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to this page. Many of you are already subscribed to my blog and all you have to do is click onto this page and voilla – there you will find your daily dose of Wordz of Wizdom.

Wordz of Wizdom is a place where you can find encouragement and a positive way to begin your day.   I want you to be encouraged by your life, so whether you are a regular subscriber to my blog or are new, please stop by daily for simple health tips and positive encouragement!

With love and encouragement,