Aromatherapy is a holistic therapy with the use of essential oils by a holistic health practitioner, such as an aromatherapist, reflexologist, massage therapist or esthetician, who uses essential oils on a client for the treatment of physical, emotional or spiritual disorders, illness, or disease.

Aromatherapy for everyday living

You don’t need to be a holistic health care practitioner  to use aromatherapy or essential oils on yourself.   You only need to have the desire to use them as a healing modality, but you do need to exercise caution and understand how to use essential oils on yourself safely.  Please refer to the Essential Oil Education page on this Blog for guidelines and methods of use. Aromatherapy, when used properly, is an effective and complimentary holistic healing therapy that can be used in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Incorporating aromatherapy into everyday living practices for health is a natural means of alleviating symptoms for everyday complaints such as stress, insomnia, muscular aches, pains, cuts and bruises.  It is recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s directions for use or the guidance for use by a trained aromatherapist or holistic health care practitioner.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – A must in your medicine cabinet?

Essential oils are like physicians packaged in little brown or blue bottles which contain plant essences that bring about positive changes in the health of the mind and body.  Having essential oils in your home is like having nature’s healers in your medicine cabinet.  One essential oil I highly recommend for your medicine cabinet or first aid kit is Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia). It is a very powerful and versatile essential oil and is unusual in that it is active against all three categories of infectious germs — bacteria, fungi and viruses.  It is a potent stimulant to the immune system providing the body with a first-rate defense.  This is why it is called the “Miracle Oil.”

Historical notes: Tea Tree originated in Australia and has been used in medications for centuries and is the subject of a great deal of international research.

When inhaled Tea Tree is an effective respiratory treatment.

The Miracle Oil – Tea Tree oil is considered the single most effective and nontoxic antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal essential oil on earth and as such is a powerful and effective treatment for all types of infections, cuts, burns, abrasions, wounds, acne, warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm, tooth and gum infections, respiratory issues and even insect bites and stings.


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Where to purchase essential oils:

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