April 22, 2010

Today is Earth Day!

Earth Day provides the perfect opportunity for individuals and communities to conduct their own simple Acts of Green. Today is your opportunity to get started by making a difference.  Change begins with one person at a time by Taking Action for  change.

Here are  14 great ideas to help you make an impact on mother earth today.  But don’t let today be the only day you make a difference.  Make these changes as part of your daily and year-round activities.  We only have one earth – let’s don’t lose her to the carelessness of actions that can destroy where we live, how we live and how we count on her to breathe everyday of our lives.  It begins with you.

  1. Bring your own coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop
  2. Recycle your water bottle
  3. Bring your own grocery bags to the grocery store
  4. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  5. Turn off the lights in any room you are not in
  6. Don’t smoke today!
  7. Recycle – Recycle – Recycle
  8. If you have a home with a yard, plant a tree
  9. If you live in an apartment, buy a plant and put it on your patio
  10. Don’t let the water run while you are brushing your teeth
  11. Fix that leaking faucet and conserve water
  12. Don’t throw anything unhealthy down the drain or toilet
  13. Unplug all your appliances when you leave the house
  14. Today turn your computer off at least for one day

Here are some great websites I came across that you can inspire you to create your own Acts of Green:

  • AARP offers an on-line service to help you go green in just 5 minutes  @ createthegood.org/gogreen
  • The National Organization for Women, California Chapter celebrates Earth Day 2010 by announcing NoDryClean.com
  • The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund is even in the act to teach children about activities that can change the planet through their Disney Friends for Change program.
  • In recognition of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, the U.S. Chamber’s BCLC is featuring 70 examples of business partners engaging in environmental stewardship.

There are at least 2010 ways that you can impact the planet today.  What will be your Act of Green today to help mother nature?