A natural ability in us is the ability to self-heal — on either the physical, emotional or spiritual levels.   Self-healing techniques are not new and have been passed down from ancient civilizations and is a basic part of existence.  For example on a physical level, ancient cultures used natural substances such as clay, herbs and essential oils to heal burns, stings, cuts and bruises.  On an emotional level, stress for example, has been treated with ancient traditions such as meditation, visualization and breathing exercises.  Self-healing either for spiritual, physical, emotional or physical pain is the ultimate act of self-love.

When we really listen to ourselves, our fear, hopes and wishes and learn to tap into ourselves and really allow ourselves to get into our five basic senses (touching, tasting, smelling, hearing and feeling) we are able to tap into a place of peace, health and well-being.

RESOURCES – Sometimes we need a little help to find true self-healing.  Coming from personal experience, and a woman who has many talents, even I need help with my own personal issues, experience my own stumbling blocks and not sure of my direction from time to time.  There are many holistic and spiritual therapies available to all of us and I would encourage you to tap into these resources, healing techniques and coaches who can assist in your self-healing for any issue you are experiencing.  It’s not enough to do it alone these days.

Guided Imagery & Visualization – The imagination is a person’s least utilized health resource and  is a powerful self-help tool that has an intimate relationship with emotions, which are often at the root of many common health conditions. Here is a great visualization technique that I recently came up with and integrated into my thought patterns from a recent coaching session from Law of Attraction Life Coach Bambi Corso.

Six simple daily thought patterns that can help you believe:

  • Be consistent with your beliefs and really believe that anything is possible
  • Move into a place of love, joy and acceptance and out of fear
  • Really believe and trust that positive things can happen
  • Truly believe that things can change in a positive direction
  • Connect with yourself and your body and the feelings inside your body
  • Connect with what it is you want to attract and truly believe and trust these things will happen

Law of Attraction Life Coach & Dream Tender Bambi Corso says “We are all born with an inner calling, something that speaks to us throughout our life. It’s a wake up call with purpose, one that pulls us toward the future, toward becoming our real, authentic selves.  Life coaching will help you to answer that call so that you can blossom into the best you can be and begin living purposefully.”

Law of Attraction & Energy Repatterning Life Coach Maryann Candito says “If you ask for a sign because you are unsure of your path, then a sign will show up if it’s the path you desire.  If you really don’t want to take that path, then a sign will clearly be absent.

Having faith and hope and finding our spirit-self to help guide us to get what it is we want out of life, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, romantic or financial, is a fundamental right that we as human beings have the right to experience and one that we richly deserve. 

“Only those who can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible!”  – Patrick Snow