Essential oils for skin care treatments

Essential oils have very specific effects on the skin and are very effective in facial treatments.  The skin is the body’s largest organ, which is important in aromatherapy because essential oils have a molecular structure which is small and simple and pass through the skin easily.  Essential oils are absorbed into the skin because they dissolve easily in fatty substances such as the body’s own protective layer of sebum.

Among the most frequently asked questions from those who receive facial treatments are why would anyone want to use oil on the skin if the skin is already oily?  Good question!  The name essential oil is actually a misnomer.  Essential oils are not oils in the sense that olive oil is oil, for example.  Essential oils are plant hormones drawn from flowers, grasses, trees, roots, leaves, fruits and rinds.  They are highly volatile substances, meaning they evaporate quickly when left exposed to the air.  Here are some of the benefits of having an facial treatment that includes essential oils:

  • Essential oils have the ability to eliminate waste matter, dead cells and regenerate new and healthy skin cells.
  • Essential oils are well-known for their antiseptic properties and when used regularly will rid the skin of bacteria.  This is especially helpful for those with acne — the more you reduce bacteria, the more successful the facial treatment.
  • The aging process begins at birth and cannot be slowed down, but essential oils do stimulate the generation of new skin cells, which preserves the health and youth of the skin.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium is an excellent essential oil to use on clients in the spa because it works hard while smelling so wonderful at the same time.   In skin care treatments geranium is useful for its astringent and antiseptic properties and its ability to balance the production of sebum.    This makes geranium an excellent choice to treat skin types that are both oily and dry.  In addition, Geranium also has a beautiful fragrance and actually is very helpful for women going through menopause or with PMS symptoms.


Be sure to consult with a local and licensed Esthetician in your area that uses aromatherapy / essential oils, or a certified aromatherapist to receive aromatherapy facials or other essential oil therapy treatments.  Guaranteed amazing results!

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