Kathleen Lamoureux has spent the last 20 years as a holistic and wellness educator.  Her career began when she became a licensed esthetician in 1990 and started a holistic skin care practice.  She began giving workshops to small businesses and practitioners speaking about the benefits of aromatherapy and reflexology.  Today she educates on the benefits of holistic health alternatives as a writer sharing her wisdom and insights.

Imagine you are outdoors in a forest or on a trail path and you are hiking or walking in nature.  Finally you begin to relax and take in a deep breath or two and your sense of smell focuses (consciously or unconsciously) on the fragrant pine trees or fragrant flowers from nature’s forest emitting a wonderful and delicious scent around you.  All of a sudden, you feel better and more alive – your step quickens.  You feel the joy and enthusiasm, which had been misplaced, finally returning to a place of balance from within.  When you are finished with your hike or walk, whatever stress you had, has disappeared and you are re-energized.  Your endorphin levels have increased and you are recharged and ready to take on the world.

Life is complicated and stressful — that’s a given.  However, it’s important to rid yourself of stress as much as possible.  One fragrant way to get a handle on stress is to think of that famous proverb “stop and smell the roses.”  There are so many beautiful flowers in the world, but you don’t have to travel the world to see them or inhale their beautiful fragrance.

Flowers such as roses and night blooming jasmine or herbs like lavender and rosemary are abundant right in your own neighborhood and you need only take a quick walk if you are short on time or if you don’t hike.  Whatever you do, it is imperative that when you do see a fragrant flower – you literally stop yourself – then go over to it and lean over and inhale.  I mean really inhale.  Not just once, but several times – in and out.  That’s it.

Scent can set the mood and trigger memories

Some researchers say that of all the senses, smell triggers memory in unique and immediate ways.  When we smell something, we have receptors that send signals to a cerebral switching center.  Smell is one of the most powerful of  all the human senses and it can mediate emotions and pleasure.

Places to stop and smell the roses in Santa Clara County

  1. San Jose Rose Garden
  2. San Jose Heritage Rose Garden

Other places to smell the fragrance of nature

  1. Campbell farmers’ market
  2. Santa Clara farmers’ market
  3. There are 28 wild and wonderful parks in Santa Clara county

Stress can happen on any day, but do take a moment to release that stress just by inhaling the fragrant flowers that are not only here for the admiration of the beauty they provide — but also to impart their fragrant and healing scent on the mind, body and soul.

“Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance the lasting perfume” – Jean de Boufflers