Choosing a healthy lifestyle is all about choices.  Do you choose the celery or do you choose the french fries?  On a recent visit to the Tilden Little Farm Cow Barn, I noticed that the animals have to eat healthy.  There is a sign instructing visitors to “Please feed the farm animals lettuce and celery only.”  No longer can you bring your leftovers from last night’s dinner.

These days you cannot feed the animals at a petting zoo or the ducks at city parks bread.  The caretakers of California City Parks and Recreation do not give you or their animals a choice – period!  These rules are there to protect the health of the animals.  There is even justification why animals should not be fed carrots, peas or even bread.

This leads me to the question.  If cities are protecting the health of its animals and bird life, what are you doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Who or what in your life is suggesting that you become healthier?  Is it you?  Is it your Doctor?  Is it social pressure?  Are you even maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Whatever it is inside you that wants to get healthier, and understands that it pays to be healthy, there is a lot of information in the community to provide you with options and alternative choices to have and enjoy that kind of lifestyle.

There is much media attention swirling around health these days and lots of different forms of alternative therapies are available – such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic treatments, naturopathy, herbalism and nutritional-based therapies.  It is hard to escape all the information you as a consumer is being provided with.  Hopefully someday in the near future, it will become the ‘accepted norm’ to choose and maintain a  healthier lifestyle.  Move over fries – hello celery!

There are many sources available in the community that can provide you with information to help you make better choices.

Santa Clara County offers:

  1. Books on mind and body fitness at the Santa Clara library
  2. March into May – A 10-week program offered for Santa Clara employees
  3. The City of Santa Clara has an extensive Employee Wellness Program

It’s all about choices – a healthy lifestyle or becoming a health statistic.