From my archives, but a good share in light of the current health care bill trying to be passed by President Obama

Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I would like to congratulate you and President Clinton on winning the November election.  You both have sparked the enthusiasm and imagination of this country!  It is clearly an exciting time and there is a resurgence of energy, youthfulness, vitality and renewal of faith not seen in the White House nor in this country since John F. Kennedy.

While it will be a long, arduous process of rebuilding all the old and broken down systems that have been archaic for far too long, the powerful and creative drive of a new health care system under your leadership and direction is clearly forging new paths and new dimensions to a new and better America.  One of those old and broken down systems is health care in this country and the intent of this letter — a health care reform package — and the task force to which your husband, the President asked you to chair.  Health care reform is an issue that I am personally very passionate about along with a growing and concerned number of Americans.  According to a 1990 survey, one out of every two persons in this country has a life threatening illness.  That illness is not only an illness in our bodies, but it is an illness of our minds and souls as well.  Bill Moyers recent television series Healing the Mind and Body captured so clearly the essence and spirit of the changes that are needed if we are truly to have an effective health care reform system in this country.  That change is to add alternative therapy practices such acupuncture, aromatherapy and reflexology to name but a few (and there are many).  They are as old as ancient civilizations, yet they are just catching on in this country.  These ancient practices are not new and revolutionary ideas, but are as old as time itself.  They are healing modalities that do work and I believe these alternative practices should be considered for inclusion in every national health care package.  As a holistic skin care practitioner,  certified aromatherapist and reflexologist, I have seen more and more clients come through my doors seeking alternatives to western medicine.  Western medicine certainly has its place and I believe in it, but rather than giving out drugs or having unnecessary operations, why not consider an alternative first.

I would also like to see more education on alternative therapies and to make people aware of what is available to them outside of traditional western medicine practices that often mask symptoms rather than getting at the root of the problem.  For example, I personally know of people who have had years of therapy with psychologists that didn’t produce any real results, but then went for hypnotherapy, or someone with back pain and was put on medications for long periods of time, but then went for acupuncture treatments.  In both these cases, results were obtained in a very short period of time in comparison.  Basically, being able to cut the costs of treatments in half or even less is an important aspect of my proposal.

Thank you for your time and support of my letter and ideas towards a more effective health care reform program.

Yours in health and happiness,

Kathleen Lamoureux 

P.S.  I did receive an acknowledgment of this letter from the White House. Unfortunately as we know, the health reform task force assigned to Hillary Clinton did not go anywhere.

P.P.S.  On the upside, it’s interesting to note that more and more people are now aware of alternative therapies and do utilize them more frequently, and some insurance companies include them in their plan, but a lot still do not.  I’m happy to report that Kaiser Permanente, for example does have a Complimentary Alternative Medicine (CAM) program that is pretty successful.

So there have been changes since 1993, but unfortunately alternative therapies go widely unavailable to the poor person or to those who simply do not have insurance because they are out of work or can’t afford insurance or their insurance does not cover alternative therapies.

We have a long way to go and the process as I said in my letter is still ‘long and arduous’, but I see progress being made.