Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.  It is not enough that a thing be possible for it to be believed.
– Voltaire

This is  Naked Lady. She lives in Little Rock Arkansas and  graces the Tulip garden of my Brother and Sister-in-Law Jim and Lynne.   Naked Lady belonged to Jimmy Turbyfill, my sister-in-law’s brother.  Unfortunately Jimmy passed away a few years ago, but his spirit lives on through this beautiful statue that was placed in Jim & Lynne’s garden which they so carefully and lovingly cultivated  into a beautiful tulip garden with the Naked Lady as the focal point.   The Naked Lady is a reminder that Jimmy is gone on earth’s plane, but his spirit lives on in the tulip garden — The message of the Naked Lady is to believe,  to have courage, to have hope, to  have faith and to be inspired for who you are and what you came here on earth to do…

Be inspired now by having faith and know that you can do it!

I am reminded by a passage in the book “The Little Engine That Could”

Chip:  “You did it Tillie!”

Tillie:  “Yes, I did it. And it was worth it!”

So today, let’s discuss the aromatic oils that can help to increase your faith and inspiration!


Frankincense is a highly treasured and spiritual substance and comes from a small tree native to North Africa.  This beautiful essential oil and has a fresh, warm, rich scent with a sweet balsamic undertone.  Frankincense in the form of the resin, has been burnt on alters and in temples since antiquity.   Frankincense has the ability to slow down and deepen the breath and produces very deep and profound feelings of calm, therefore, this is good for putting one in a meditative state.  The benefit of using frankincense in the form of an essential oil or burning the incense, is that it will help you to focus on that which inspires you, bringing inner strength and stability to a situation that you are working on.  It also helps to release fear.

Myrrh has been used in many ancient civilizations as a perfume, incense and medicine.  It has been said that the soldiers of ancient Greece would carry Myrrh when going into battle because of it’s healing properties and, like Frankincense, has a warm rich, spicy, balsamic scent.  If you need some encouragement today, Myrrh’s offering is that it facilitates a sense of confidence and courage!

To the memory of Jimmy Turbyfill — may he inspire YOU today…

Your AromaZenZone Coach,

Kathleen Lamoureux