“Smell is the potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived”  – Helen Keller

For many in the United States, it’s been a long, drawn out and brutal winter!  My blessings to those who live in the northeast and who are experiencing winter’s fury.   Today’s focus is on the tree oils.   You are familiar with them, even if only but a distant whiff of a memory in your mind that you can’t quite put your finger on.   I’m here today to help refresh your memory’s scent bank…

Imagine you are outdoors in a forest or on a trail path and you are hiking or walking.  Finally you begin to relax and take in a deep breath or two and your sense of smell focuses (consciously or unconsciously)  on the fragrant pine trees from nature’s forest emitting their wonderful and delicious scent.   All of a sudden, you feel better and more alive, your steps quicken and you feel the joy and enthusiasm which had been misplaced — it’s finally returning to a place of balance from within.  When you are finished with your hike or walk, whatever stress you had has disappeared and you are re-energized.  Your endorphin levels have increased and you are recharged and ready to take on the world.


Today’s focus is on 3 very important tree oils.   The use of tree  oils is to inspire you to bring nature inside your home.  You can also use these oils as a Feng Shui tool which I will discuss with each oil.  The oils I am going to discuss are Pine, Cedarwood, Juniper Berry.  Let’s begin with Pine!

PINE is such a comforting and invigorating scent!  On an emotional level Pine helps to relieve stress, nervous exhaustion and calms the nerves.  Ready to get rid of that apathetic attitude you have or replace lethargy for energy???  Then go for the Pine!

As a Feng Shui Cure, Pine has been used in Northern Europe for centuries to disinfect castles and cottages.  Use it in your home as a great air antiseptic and a refreshing scent that clears the home of negative energy patterns from one’s aura and/or home environment.


Juniper essential oil is distilled from the berries of the shrub.  The scent is sweet and balsamic (similar to Gin) and the oil has antiseptic qualities.  On an emotional level, Juniper stimulates and boosts mental clarity; promotes a sense of well-being and inner strength.

As a Feng Shui Cure, Juniper is a symbol of longevity and protection.  It also clears one’s aura and environment of patterns of negativity.  Expand emotional and mental boundaries today — choose Juniper!

CEDARWOOD settles the nerves, is balancing and grounding — Three really good reasons to choose this oil!   On a Spiritual level, Cedarwood inspires faith and optimism.

As a Feng Shui Cure, Cedarwood used in the home will keep the atmosphere fresh and strengthen the environment.

Finally, if you love all these tree oils and find it hard to choose just one of these oils for use in the home, you can use all three.   Directions for use are to:  add to your diffuser in equal parts or if you have one you prefer just a little more, than add a drop or two more of that favorite one.  Don’t  worry if  you don’t have a diffuser, you can simply get a pretty little bowl, fill it with water and add the essential oils and place on a warm radiator to release the aromas into the air.

Here’s to the scents of nature!

Your AromaZenZone Coach,

Kathleen Lamoureux