“A man ought to carry himself in the world as an orange tree would if it could walk up and down in the garden, swinging perfume from every little censer it holds up to the air.” – Henry Ward Beecher

Uplift your mood with Essential Oil of Orange!

What I want to discuss today are the benefits of the   essential oil of orange on mood levels!  You’ve experienced it before — you pick up an orange and you bring it up to your nose to smell.  In an instant, the delicious fragrance of the orange uplifts your spirit immediately.   Look at this butterfly sucking out the nectar of this orange .  As it flew off into the world , it was happy and satiated with a feeling of immense joy, and was therefore able to a bring harmonious interaction to those in the presence it graced.

Mood-Level Scale – I give Orange A 10!   

The scent of orange brings on good cheer!  It’s basic benefit is that the aroma reminds us on a subliminal level to be playful — it  brings out the inner child in us.  Oranges bring solar energy into the home, which in turn, will promote mental clarity and emotional balance.

3 Reasons to Diffuse Essential of Orange in Your Home!

  1. Encourages confidence and trust!
  2. Promote friendly and harmonious interaction with others!
  3. Enhances creativity and new ideas!

“And every day when I’ve been good, I get an orange after food.” Robert Louis Stevenson

Be happy today!  Get your diffuser out and fill it with orange and transform your mood!!

Kathleen Lamoureux,  Aroma Zen Zone Coach