A Rose for LuAnn

Image by Randy Son Of Robert via Flickr

Pleasure is the flower that passes; remembrance,the lasting perfume”

– Jean de Boufflers

Love Chi or Qi

February is the Love month when romance is celebrated completely on a universal level!  Let me help you begin to get ready to celebrate as Valentine’s Day right is around the corner.  Here’s how you can create your own Love  Zone and enhance your own love chi by incorporating the symbols and scents of love to create a sensual and romantic  love environment.

Love Zone Symbols

The use of any of these symbols, flowers and love cures have been traditionally used to increase love and romance.  Their liberal use is suggested in the boudoir or anywhere around the home.  The subliminal and visual messages have the ability to transform the power of the electrical charge of the love energy.

  • Rose quartz
  • Amethyst or rock crystals
  • Sexual art objects or photographs
  • Scented Candles
  • And don’t forget the dark chocolate!

Love Zone Flowers

  • Bamboo – Symbol of longevity
  • Roses – Traditional symbol of love and passion
  • Orchids – Symbol of perfection
  • Jasmine – Used as a Hindu symbol of love

Love Zone Scents

It has been said that butterflies often give off an aroma to attract a mate that smells like roses…

For an added and stimulating sensual effect, use 1 or 2 of the love zone scents listed below either in the form of fresh flowers, candles or essential oil therapy.

  • Rose – The symbol of love, elegant, enchanting, awakens the heart.
  • Ylang-Ylang – Exotic, sweet, sensual, relaxing, aphrodisiac
  • Jasmine – Exquisite, romantic, opening, aphrodisiac
  • Neroli  aka orange blossom – A delicate scent to open the heart with love and joy

Love Zone Cures

Massage Oil – Mix 6-8  drops of your favorite Love Zone oils to 8 ounces of sweet almond oil.
Water Play – Mix 6-8 drops of your favorite Love Zone oils into a bath & gently agitate the water to mix the oils into the bath water.
Sensual Flower Waters – You can purchase Rose Water or Orange Blossom Water from health food stores or Persian markets.  I personally buy these flower waters from Persian stores because it is less expensive and always available.  Decant in a spray bottle and spray liberally as desired.



The Art of Love – Lingerie!

Yes ladies — break out the lingerie and get your sex mojo on!  Sexy lingerie has been the symbol of love in many a romantic setting from the beginning of time and truly enhances the sensual experience in the art of love.  Scent your lingerie drawer with any of your favorite Love Zone Scents by adding 6-8 drops  of any of the scents of desires listed below to cotton balls or a beautiful piece of fabric and place in drawer for 24 hours prior to wearing, or dab a few drops on the garmet(s) directly.   This is a guaranteed sensual winner!

Create and enhance your love life

By using any or all of these symbols of love, you can truly create a Sensual Love Zone that will evoke and enhance the magical influence of love on your sex life and increase the desire for passion in your relationship.

What are you waiting for!

It’s true, and has been documented many times over, that having sex often not only increases the longevity of your relationship, but increases physical and emotional stamina.  Love and sex is the key to a healthy life.


Kathleen Lamoureux is an Inutitive Life Coach and Numerologist with a background in aromatherapy and self-help techniques.