Valentine’s Day is almost here!  Here’s how you can open the path to love and bring it into your heart and home!

Intention! Are you ready?  You’ve got to be ready because when you start this process, it’s going to come – so make sure you have the right intention, desire and follow-through.

Attention! Put all your attention today into putting items in and around your home with anything that reeks of love, love, love!  Place objects of love everywhere in your home – the bedroom of course, the living room, the kitchen, the entryway, the den or office.   After you have completed this exercise, walk through your home  and stop and  honor the object of love that you so lovingly  placed.  This increases the intention, attention and desire!

Desire! Do you really desire love and wish it to come into your life?  Then follow these simple solutions and you are on your way!


Invite LOVE into your life today!

Sit down somewhere comfortable and close your eyes and meditate on this conscious desire.  This does not have to take up a lot of time and can be done in 10-20 minutes – it depends on your schedule.  Put the timer on for however long you can devote to this process – this will keep you on point and allow you time for the remainder of your day’s activities.  Begin by breathing in deeply three or four times.  Focus your attention and desire on the love you want to bring forth – really think about that person you want to be in your life or ways to improve your current love life.  When you are finished, breathe deeply and exhale one more time, open your eyes and say out loud “this desire to bring love into my life is now true and this desire will now manifest itself’.


Get some valentine day paraphernalia. Feng shui your space with these items:  candles, glasses, dishware, towels, candy, and any and all objects shaped like hearts.  Get out everything red or pink or white that you have.

Buy fresh flowers and place them liberally in your home – no fake flowers for this exercise.  Remember that flowers bring the life chi.

Get NEW candles in red, white or pink – aromatherapy candles are best, but a scented candle in your favorite scent works too.  I suggest a ritual by lighting them in the morning and evening when it’s dark – This encourages the ambiance factor. 


Take out your champagne or wine glasses (red or pink are great)  and place them in the kitchen or dining area.  Set your table up with your best dishes or china as if you are having company for dinner (and maybe you are).  Place a single rose across the plate over the napkin for a special touch.

Put special attention in the bedroom – Satin sheets are sexy if you like them and have them;  candles and fresh flowers of course; place heart objects around the room; place a photo of someone you love or a photo of a couple in love as you would like to be in love.  Place white or purple crystals in your bedroom, but not too near the bed as crystals have a lot of energy and can keep you up at night.

What are you waiting for?  Feng Shui your home for love today!   Remember! Intention, Attention and desire!

Here’s to love, love love,

Kathleen Lamoureux