Feng shui Luopan compass

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Symbols are often used universally to represent something else by association or resemblance.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use both the laws of heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving qi  or chi. Feng Shui can help make a good first impression when anyone enters your home and it can help to bring in that what you want into your life.  Feng Shui is the simple placement of objects or cures or the arrangement of furniture to help improve the quality of qi or chi to bring about the changes you desire in your home.  Feng Shui provides tools and guidelines for correcting the flow of energy  into and through our space.  It uses the arrangement of rooms and placement of furniture to create a smooth pathway for chi through the home or office.  Here are six traditional symbols to enhance and distribute chi energy:

  1. Flowers – Fresh flowers symbolize life and should be used regularly  in the home.  Make sure to toss them out when they begin to die or fade and replace them with fresh flowers to keep the chi of life going.
  2. CandlesBring happiness and healing into your home or office by lighting candles.  Candles can create ambiance and mood in even the most ordinary or mundane room.  Use candles everyday as a ritual such as lighting them in the morning upon waking when you are creating your day’s creative work.
  3. Crystals Crystals are widely used for the specific energy they bring into your home or office.  A home or office that is adorned with crystals benefits from powerful and natural earth energies.
  4. Fish Bowls – Attracts wealth and prosperity.  If you can’t have a live aquarium, get a small fish bowl with goldfish or hang a photo or painting of water in your home or office.
  5. Wind Chimes – Are a popular feng shui tool used for purification, protection and to enhance a room’s energy.
  6. Mirrors – Mirrors have been called the ‘aspirin’ of  feng shui.  With proper placement, they can dramatically shift the flow of chi or feng shui flow in any given space.

You can begin today to incorporate these simple feng shui symbols into your home or office!  There are lots of books and videos out there on this ancient Chinese system that will assist you in dramatically changing your home or work environment with simple feng shui remedies or cures.  I first began using feng shui in an apartment I moved into in Mill Valley in 1997 after the death of my fiance.  I, of course, was very skeptical, but I honestly was amazed at how my life changed as a result with the simple feng shui cures that I incorporated into my living space.  It sincerely helped to open the way for more prosperity, peace and calm in my life.  Whatever you are trying to achieve or your own personal goals in your own life, perhaps feng shui can be a source of cure for you.

Kathleen Lamoureux