As soon as guests enter your home one of the first things that gives them a good or bad impression is the aroma or odor in the home!  Is the aroma of your home pleasant and inviting or stale and uninviting?  The way your home smells could actually make the difference between selling and not selling.  It’s hard to overcome a bad first impression, so why not start out on a good scent in this area and use aromatherapy as the one magic bullet you have to get the sale.  What you are trying to create is a relaxed and inviting atmosphere — one that subliminally evokes feelings in the prospective buyer of being able to relax in a comfortable setting.  Feelings that could potentially make the difference.

How do odors effect our mood?  In a nutshell, odor molecules are attached to the hair in our nose, aka cilia.  The odor is then inhaled by the nasal cavity and then immediately send impulses into the area of the brain that is associated with emotion and memory.  It is here in this part of the brain (the limbic system) that controls, among other things, mood and stress levels.

Why use essential oils and not just any type of scented candle or synthetic room spray? It is a known fact that smell has a powerful influence on the mind.  Have you ever been transported back in time just from a certain smell that reminds you exactly where you were a year ago?  Smells do just that.  I call it the deja vu experience. In fact the sense of smell is the highest of all five senses and has a powerful influence on the mind and can have wide-ranging effects on how we feel.  I am not talking about the use of just any old smell here though — I am talking about the use of essential oils.  Essential oils actually have the power to change your mood.  For example, citrus oils like grapefruit, lemon and orange can boost energy levels, while lavender and chamomile tend to clam the emotions down.  These emotional responses are the main reason to choose essential oils (over synthetic fragrances) which are essences that are extracted from all parts of flowers, leaves, roots and bark.  They are the gem elixers that actually have the power to influence mental and physical health.

Reap the benefits of using essential oils in your home!  30 minutes before the potential buyers arrive with the realtor, use a diffuser (which uses heat or a fan to release the scents into the air) or buy genuine aromatherapy candles and place them strategically throughout the house.  Essential oils, diffusers and aromatherapy candles are available at local health food stores and even on-line.  If using a diffuser for the first time, there are directions that will help you get the most benefit.  Here’s to the profitable sale of your house!

Aromatically yours,

Kathleen Lamoureux