Trying to squeeze your laundry in between that run, walking the dog or whatever you are doing today??? Are you one of those consumers who go to the store and picks up the “Bounce” to freshen and soften your laundry? My guess is yes because it’s convenient and they smell good, but it is laden with so many chemicals. And what about those of you who are sensitive to chemicals or synthetic fragrances or who have children who have the same issue??? Convenience isn’t always what it’s all about. Sometimes it’s simply about healthy environmental choices and helping our planet survive by not adding anything else to the garbage heap.

My advice is to use an old sock — you know the one that lost its mate (a soft cloth is also fine — anything that gets the job done) and add essential oil of lavender to the sock and toss into the dryer. I recommend 5-6 drops for small loads and 10-12 drops for larger loads. I guarantee that this will forever change how you dry your clothes and the fragrance will be so yummy and delicious — you know heaven scent 🙂 And hey, if you don’t like lavender or want to mix it up, you can use orange or lemon or any essential oil that you resonate to.

Here’s to your healthy new environment!

Kathleen Lamoureux